Green Ship Recycling

Kanu Jain

The project is a close co-operation between TU Delft and Tianjin University, China. It is sponsored by a consortium of industry players including Sea2cradle, International Ship Recyclers Association (ISRA), Lloyds Register, North Sea Foundation, Gieskes Strybis Fonds, Damen, and a couple of Chinese ship recycling yards (Jiangyin, Tianma).
The aim of the project is to provide more detailed operational requirements, solutions and best practices in support of a successful implementation of the regulations and guidelines addressed by the 2009 Hong Kong International Convention in the design and operation of ship recycling facilities in China and abroad.
The emphasize of the project will be a “bottom up approach” in solving practical and operational issues on:

  • how to handle hazardous materials generated during the recycling process of ships;
  • how to further improve the focus on health, safety and environment at recycling facilities;
  • how to find the best available management tools for the recycling process and
  • how to design and construct cost-effective and safe ship recycling facilities that can also compete with the present recycling industries in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

An analysis tool will be developed to determine the optimum amount and layout of equipment needed for the balanced operation of a Ship Recycling Facility. The aim of these guidelines, with reference to United Nations “Triple Bottom Line” (3BL) standard, is to meet the goals set for fully sustainable and green shipping. This means that the overall performance measurement of a ship recycling business should include the social (People), the ecological (Planet) and the financial (Profit) aspects of the business solutions.
As such, practical lessons learnt will also be applied to vessels constructed in the future. This is done via so called guidelines for “design for reuse”. These involve the structure, systems and components of new ships. These guidelines will be tested in a Life Cycle Analysis to not only benefit the recycling yard, but the owner as well.