Vision of ShipDesignLab@TUDelft

In universities and research institutes all over the world, much new knowledge is created about ship design, production & operation. This knowledge, however, often reaches only a limited audience through conference proceedings, journals and PhD theses. The audience that is reached typically consists of other academics and hardly includes designers and decision makers from the maritime industry.

The Ship Design Lab at TU Delft strives to increase the knowledge of ship design, production and operation through world class research and to present its research results via a single point of access, thereby making them easier to access for designers and decision makers from industry.

Furthermore, the Ship Design Lab strives to channel the research capacity of TU Delft’s Marine Technology master students towards research projects that benefit the maritime industry as a whole rather than a single company. It does so by means of ‘matchmaking’ between students that are in need of a master thesis subject and research projects of which results may be made public that are in need of a researcher.