Ongoing Research

Ship Design
The Ship Design group has focuses research mainly on the broad research topic Design for Service and concentrates in particular in development of design tools, investigation of safety aspects of ships in service and in development of new ship concepts with improved operational (i.e. in service) characteristics.  

Marine Engineering
The research within the Marine Engineering group is strongly aligned with the goals of the research focus areas Intelligent Shipping processes and Design for service and where dealing with the following 4 subjects: dynamic behaviour of machinery systems, maintenance engineering including intelligent condition monitoring, concept exploration and development of new design tools for innovative system designs and on emissions, alternative energy systems and application of alternative fuels.

Ship Production
The Ship Production group has mainly focused their research in the area of Intelligent Shipbuilding Processes. The ultimate purpose of their research is to realise more competitive maritime processes while satisfying mounting requirements of safety, environment and social acceptability. Quantitatively speaking, the aim is to (contribute to) a real cost reduction of between 25 to 35% over a period of 10 years, a reduction of delivery times by a further 30% and a simultaneous improvement of working conditions and environmental impacts.

Current PhD Research
Finished PhD Research
Current Research