Research market

Ship design & -methods: Prof. Hans Hopman MSc.
Inland shipping: Robert Hekkenberg MSc.
Ship-building and -processes: Jeroen Pruyn MSc.
Marine Engineering: P. de Vos MSc

Companies that have suitable research projects for master students of Marine Technology may post them on this page under the condition that (selected parts of) the research results can be made public through the Ship Design Laboratory. Companies that are interested in research by staff members are invited to contact them directly

Companies are invited to post a brief description using the form below. Before publication on the marketplace, the research description is evaluated by an assessor, who will contact you in case further elaboration, explanation or adjustment of the proposal is required. Master research proposals should meet the following requirements:

  • Workload ≈ 9 man months at Bsc+level
  • All proposals shall contain a clear research component
  • A supervisor of MSc. or equivalent level shall be available to the student at the company
  • The research focus shall be on a topic that is relevant to the design, production and/or operation of ships or other floating structures

Click here for the form.