Finished PhD projects

Finished PhD research

Modelling and forecasting in the dry bulk shipping market Chen Shun
Controlling engineering-to-Order Processes in Shipbuilding Jenny Coenen
Characterising combustion of diesel engines Yu Ding
Capturing Design: Improving Ship Design Through The Capture Of Design Rationale Tom DeNucci
A Packing Approach for the Early Stage Design of Service Vessels Bart van Oers
Control of Propeller Cavitation in Operational Conditions Athur Vrijdag
Automatic Generation of Assembly Sequence for the Planning of Outfitting Processes in Shipbuilding Wei Yan
Part load and transient emissions from ships Wei Shi
Evaluating product platform approaches for complex, designed-to-order ships Jan Jaap Nieuwenhuis
Inland ships for efficient transport chains Robert Hekkenberg
Automatic routing for pipes, cable trays, and HVAC in ships Andi Asmara
Design of Complex Specials, a complex assignment Ties van Bruinessen
Modelling and forecasting in the dry bulk shipping market Shen Chun
Knowledge Capturing in Preliminary Ship Design of Service Vessels Etienne Duchateau
Using simulation of the maritime sector for the strategic support of policies on the macro- & micro economic level Jeroen Pruyn
Intelligent Dynamic Positioning Arjen Tjallema
MOSES-CD: Model-based Ship Energy System Conceptual Design Peter de Vos
Analysis of reliability, availability and safety of the HVAC Wei Zheng
Green ship recycling Kanu Jian
Guidance for inland ship design on ship manoeuvrability Jialun Liu